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Jason Murphree

April 6 update

Good Morning my people. I hope you are well and I have added this weeks assignments to the website when you get logged in.
Some of you are having trouble seeing the assignments and I think that may be due to trying to do it on your phone. It seems that you need an ipad or a computer to see the assignments.
If you have trouble please email me and i will try to get you straightened out.
There are examples for each problem that you need to work before you do the actual homework problem. It will give you an idea of what is expected.

8th grade math students need to login to 


your username is first initial then your last name then the letter m and your class period no spaces no caps

example  John Smith is in 1st period so his username is jsmithm1

Pat Thomas is in 7th period so his username is pthomasm7


Your password is panthers

no spaces no caps

if you have trouble logging in, then email me at

Your first assignment is due April 3rd, this Friday.

Jason Murphree

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