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Audrey Arnold



Grading Policy

60% of grade is based on Daily Work ( Vocabulary Activity, Writing and Reading Skills, Reading Log)

40% of grade is based on Major Tests/Projects (Weekly Vocabulary and Reading Quiz, Writing Process)

5 days allowed for late work


Units and Dates

Unit 1-Conflicts and Clashes: When do differences become conflicts? Writing Form: Narrative

     August 21-September 27, 2019

Unit 2-Highs and Lows: What do we learn from love and loss? Writing Form:Literary Analysis

     September30-November 1, 2019

Unit 3-Chasing the Impossible: What makes a dream worth pursuing? Writing Form: Argument -Correspondence

     November 4-December 19, 2019

Unit 4-Moment of Truth: How can one event change everything? Writing Form: Informational Text

     January 7-February 14, 2019

Unit 5-Test of Time: Why do we still read myths and folktales? Writing Form: Research

     February 18-April 9, 2019

Unit 6-The Power of One: How do we stand out from the crowd? Writing Form: Extended Oral Project

     April 10-May 28, 2019






Audrey Arnold

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