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BHS News and Alerts

Posted Date: 07/27/2022

BHS News and Alerts

Good morning parents and guardians! Update 8/5/22

Just a couple of updates for today as we end the last week without staff and students! New Teachers to the district are having some training this morning and then all of our returning faculty and staff will be with us starting on Monday of next week. I cannot wait to have them back in the building and planning another great year for our students! 


  1. We will be assigning the first senior spots for parking this weekend. If your student hasn’t turned in their paperwork to paint a spot, they can still do it after this weekend but we will start assigning spots this weekend. I will email them the spot they are assigned. We should have all spots with a painted number by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. CLICK HERE for the Senior Spot forms. CLICK HERE for the Google Drive for ANY student to sign up for a parking pass. 
  2. Our Meet the Teacher will be Monday, August 22nd from 6:00 p..m. till around 7:00 p.m. We will all meet in the cafeteria where you will get a copy of your student’s schedule and then once we have finished the welcome, you will follow your student’s schedule to meet each teacher. We will ring a bell or have an announcement on when to change classes but you should have 5-7 minutes with each teacher. 
  3. Monthly meetings with the principal, assistant principal, academic dean, and/or counselor will start in September. We will present on things that will be coming up in the next 3-4 weeks and answer any questions you might have. We will meet in the BHS Library starting at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 7th, Wednesday, October 5th, Wednesday, November 2nd, and Wednesday, December 7th. We will announce the 2nd semester days as we get closer. 
  4. We will have another online registration help session next Thursday, August 10th at the BHS Library from 5 pm till 7 pm. Please come in if you have any questions about online registration or just need a computer and internet to get it done. We will have Ms. Acosta there to help with any Spanish speakers. 
  5. We have our updated Student Handbook and Code of Conduct for this year. We will be updating our website with these documents but you can CLICK HERE for the Student Handbook and you can CLICK HERE for the Code of Conduct. 


I hope you all are doing well and please let me know if you need anything!