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Football Playoff Game

Posted Date: 11/21/2022

Football Playoff Game

Online ticket link -

Blanco vs Edna

Friday Nov. 25th @ 6pm

Dub Farris Stadium

San Antonio, TX

Blanco - Visitors



N_Logo_black_2011_web - NEWFarris & Gustafson Stadium Guidelines




  1. There will be no decoration on the goal posts.  Banners, signs, and replicas of school mascots, other than those used at the goal posts, shall be of a permanent nature and placed at fixed points.  Banners, signs, and replicas of the school mascots are limited to student organizations and authorized booster organizations.  Paper banners will not be allowed.


  1. Presence on the field prior to and during the game, including half time, and after the game – apart from the players and those directly connected with the game – shall be limited to high school students, cheerleaders, flag detail, bands of participating teams, those essential to support the break-through, and four (4) student photographers.


3.       Schools will not bring live animals into the stadium.


4.       No victory lines will be permitted inside the outer perimeter of the track.


5.       Handheld noisemakers that will be allowed are cowbells, thunder sticks and clappers.


6.       All flags in grandstands shall be no larger than 12 inches by 18 inches.  Any flags or banners larger than 12 inches by 18 inches shall be placed in fixed positions.


7.       One person hand held signs in good taste not to obstruct the view of other fans.


8.       Balloons will be prohibited.


9.       Everyone must have a ticket to enter the stadium.  School aged students (first grade and above) must have a ticket. 


10.      No outside food or drink items are allowed in the stadium.


11.      Strollers are not allowed in the stands.


12.      Tailgating not allowed on the premises.


13.      In accordance with UIL policy, drones shall not be used in conjunction with any scrimmage or



14.      Anyone who leaves the stadium will not be allowed to re-enter without purchasing another ticket.