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Donna Ashley

6th Grade Science

Mrs. Ashley

Please check Google Classroom for daily assignments beginning Monday 3/30.  For those working offline, please understand that you have been given assignments for the next 3 weeks so don’t feel like you have to do it all in one week!  Due dates are flexible!

TEKS Covered:

6.10 C  Identify the major tectonic plates , including Eurasian, African, Indo-

       Australian, Pacific, North American, and South American


6.10 D  Describe how plate tectonics causes major geological events such 

       as ocean basins, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and mountain 



  1. Read pages pgs. 314 - 323 in your textbook.

  1. Using the key, complete the Theory of Plate Tectonic Notes
  1. Using the map on pg. 319 and the key provided to complete Name That Plate.

           Study the plates so you can name the 15 plates using the map with numbers.

  1. Tectonic Plate Map: Can You Find Us? Label the plates and the landforms listed on the back, color your map but don’t worry if you have to change the color key.
  1. Using the key, complete Tectonic Plate Boundaries Notes.
  1. Moving and Grooving Plates - use your notes and textbook to complete.
  1. Plate Tectonics Vocabulary - cut out the definitions and glue/tape to the correct vocabulary word.
  1. Plate Picture Dictionary - use the foldable and follow the directions to make your dictionary.  I included an example of the front. 

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